Diversity and Inclusion

taught by Ethan L. Chazin, MBA
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Ethan L. Chazin, MBA
Ethan L. Chazin, MBA
President & CEO

About the Instructor

Ethan Chazin works with organizations to help them plan, launch, grow, and succeed, by delivering innovative approaches to employee empowerment, business development, strategic planning, organizational best practices, leadership, learning and management education.

He authored the book: "Bulletproof your career in turbulent times," has lectured at over 50 colleges & Universities on job searching, spoken to 12,000 individuals on career exploration and work readiness topics and conducted over 300 business, leadership, and change transformation talks.

He began his career as a recruiter, spent 20 years in Corporate America leading teams through significant transformation, coached 500 individuals how to aggressively pursue 21st Century job search strategies based on achieving immediate and significant results by ignoring all the failed approaches of the 20th Century.

DATE: Wednesday, April 12 | TIME: 9am-12pm (EST)

During this program you will learn how to implement the following strategies for building a Diverse and Inclusive workplace.

As a result of attending, you will know how to unleash your people's untapped potential, build stronger teams, solicit everyone's ideas, and forge a much stronger culture for lasting competitive advantage.

* Does your leadership team pass the EYEBALL test? Too old, too male, too white, too ANYTHING = BIG problem;
* Shatter the "Glass Ceiling" - of the Fortune 500 U.S. firms in 2013, only 4% had female CEOs;
* How to build a global team to compete GLOBALLY;
* Recruiting in the 5 segment society: Become an employer of choice to Matures, Baby Boomers, GenXers, Millennials and Generation Next;
* Before you go down this (diversity) road ask yourself: “Do I truly have the support, buy in, and commitment of my Senior management team?”
* Building diversity into your culture: take a walk around your firm. Does it look like the rest of the country?
* Diversity isn't synonymous with filling quotas: finding the right balance between age, gender, and ethnicity while embracing divergent backgrounds, beliefs, values, lifestyle, military service, etc.
* Does your organization embrace differences? Getting leadership to change from merely tolerating diversity, to FIGHTING for it;
* Benefits your organization derives from achieving diversity and inclusion go far beyond legal compliance;
* The research is clear: why you NEED to implement diversity now;
* Infuse diversity and inclusion in all your hiring efforts: Talk diversity in your promotional materials, job postings, while highlighting your vision, mission, values, and story.
* How to make diversity a part of your brand; and
* My 22-step plan for your managers to create a diversity-driven culture NOW;

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